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What is Pathshala Funwala?

Pathshala funwala is an initiative by Nihar Shanti Amla to help students across the country learn basic English over the phone. This service is free of charge and thousands of students have already benefited from this initiative.

How do I enroll/register?

In order to enroll with Nihar Shanti Pathshala Funwala, all you need to do is call the toll free number, register with your details, pick a time slot that you will be available to teach in and then go through a 5 minute basic english proficiency test.

How long will I have to devote to this?

The program requires you to spend 10 minutes per week for 3 months. You will be required to choose a 1 hour window in the week and you will be patched to a rural child anytime during the chosen 1 hour.

I have never spoken to a rural child before, I don't know how to interact with them

To help you get accustomed to talking to a child and help understand the content to be taught, we will be sending across a few short videos on your mail id. These will help make the conversation a delight for both the child and you

Will I get recognized for this? (certificate etc)

As a Prerak, we look forward to your support in teaching our kids, there is no monetary incentive involved. However, we will be sharing an e certificate for impacting childrens lives.

Can I actually meet the child?

No. It would not be possible to meet the child.

Who are these kids?

These are children from the villages of hindi speaking belts of North India.

Can I track the progress of a particular kid?

It would not be possible to track the progress of any individual child, but at an overall level, we will be sharing the progress of the kids getting impacted by all the volunteers like you.

Do I speak to the same kid everytime?

Since the kids call at their own will, there is a very slim chance that the same child may talk to you again.

What about my privacy?

The phone number of neither of the parties will be visible.Both parties are connected via a tele-conferencing system through the Nihar Shanti Amla Pathshala Funwala number. Hence, complete privacy is ensured.

What is the kind of preparation that I need to do before I start teaching?

The english taught in the modules is very basic. To make the conversation a delightful experience for both the child and you, we recommend that you go through the list of modules shared and also the videos sent to you by mail.

What are the qualifications required to be able to register for the program?

We are not looking at any educational qulaification to become a volunteer. However, proficient spoken English and Hindi are a must. To ensure the quality of learning for the child, all volunteers are required to undergo a basic proficiency test in English.

How do I know what topic needs to be taught to the child?

Before you are patched on a call with a child, an IVR will be played to you informing about the topic that needs to be taught to the child. This topic is from a pre designed curriculum that the child has been undergoing. The entire list of modules will be shared with you before you start teaching the children.

What happenes if I m unable to answer the call in the time slot that I have chosen? How does the child learn?

Incase you are unable to take the call, we will try and patch the child to another volunteer who is available in the time slot. In case there is no volunteer available, the child will continue learning through the IVR modules.

I have chosen a certain time slot. Can I change the time slot?

Yes. The time slot can be changed.However, you will be required to call the call centre and inform 24 hours in advance.

I have not been able to clear the test. Would it still be possible to teach children?

No, it would not be possible to teach any kid if the test has not been cleared. The test is on basic english and has been put in place to ensure that the kids receive quality education.

How do I know that I have passed/failed the test?

You will receive an SMS informing you about passing/failing the test

Will I get a script that needs to be followed while teaching the kids?

No, you will be given a sentence that needs to be taught to the child. You are free to use your imagination to make the learning experience as engaging as possible.

What do I do if a child misbehaves over the call?

All the calls are recorded for quality purposes. In an unfortunate event of misbehaviour by a child, we request you to immediately cut the call and call our call centre informing of the misbehaviour.

What if I want to stop teaching and deactivate my account?

You are free to drop out of the program whenever you wish. However we recommend an association of atleast 3 months to make the experience enriching for you.

I do not want to teach. Can I donate towards the cause?

No. Nihar Shanti Amla Pathshala Funwala does not accept any monetary donations.

Do I have to pay anything to become a volunteer?

No, there is no amount that needs to be paid to become a volunteer.

Who will pay for the call where I teach the kid? Me or the child?

The call will be paid for by Nihar Shanti Amla Pathshala Funwala. Both the child and the volunteer will be patched via a conference call hosted by Nihar Shanti Amla Pathshala Funwala.

Whom should I inform incase I want to skip a session?

In case you are unavailable to take a particular session, you are requested to inform the call centre by calling at the toll free number and picking option 2.

Why do I have to give my Aadhaar or PAN no?

The Aadhar or PAN number is collected in order to maintain authenticity and safety of both the kids and the Pathshala Funwala Preraks.

Can I book more than 1 hour of slot?

Yes. You may book more than 1 hour of slot through the week, but it would not be possible to pick more than 1 slot in a day.

Is the training material provided by you or do I need to create the same?

There will be no training material that will be provided by us on teaching the child. However, we will be sending you content which will serve as a guideline in creating the content that you would be teaching.

From when will we start the teaching sessions, post registration?

The teaching will start 1 week post registration and passing of test.

What will be the content for training the students?

The complete list of modules will be shared with you over mail. You will also be informed about the topic to be taught to the child just before you are connected to the child on a call

Will the sessions be conducted on public holidays?

Yes. The sessions are active 365 days an year.

Can I call the students personally?

No. You will be connected to a student via the Nihar Shanti Pathshala Funwala. Sharing of personal conatct details and seeking them from a child are not allowed in order to maintain the privacy and safety of both the parties.

Will there be a test for the students?

Yes. The students will go through a test post completion of the course.

Will there be any recognition for the students?

Yes. The students will get a certificate on successful completion of the test.

Can I share any learning material with the students?

You may share any learning material over the call. However sharing and seeking personal contact details is not allowed.

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